Chinook Fly Fishing

Looking for big game fly fishing in freshwater? Like the challenge of hooking and landing big sea-run fish? If so, we have just the package for you. Our rivers are full of massive Chinook (King) Salmon that are fresh from the ocean and in peak condition, and are chrome bright and extremely powerful. The Skeena Region offers the fly fisher prime opportunities to target aggressive Chinook (King) Salmon in two seasons.

The Kalum River boasts an incredible Springer Chinook fishery with highly aggressive salmon averaging 15 to 30 pounds and reaching 40 pounds or more. Yes, these hefty fish readily take flies! The Kalum is a mid-sized river with many boulder-studded runs and cobble and gravel pools. It fly fishes well and is perfectly suited to Spey Casting with a double-handed rod. In Spring we may also fish the Skeena and Kitimat rivers. Late-running Steelhead are an additional attraction to this season.

In summer we target the Kitimat, Kalum and Skeena rivers for Chinook averaging 20 to 30 pounds and ranging up to 80 pounds, and beyond. (The Skeena’s biggest have been known to reach 100 pounds!) The Kitimat is a small to mid-sized river with cobble and gravel pools well-suited to swinging flies. We also fish the Kitimat estuary on in-coming tides for the hottest, brightest Chinooks. Bonus fish abound here too; the Kitimat has prolific runs of Chum and Pink Salmon. The broad and powerful lower Skeena is the main route for Chinook and Sockeye salmon headed to tributaries far upstream. But don’t let the Skeena’s size intimidate you, fishing the edges where salmon migrate is very productive.

Nicholas Dean Outdoors only has limited spacing on each trip for Chinook Fly Fishing, contact us as soon as possible to book your adventure today!

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