Summer Steelhead

If you’re after the ultimate Trout – the meanest, hottest, sea-lice covered, Monster Steelhead – you’ll want to be on the lower Skeena during this season. These awesome fish average 8 to 15 pounds, 20 pounds is not uncommon, and a world record catch is not beyond imagination. It’s typical for even average fish to go on unstoppable runs, leaping all the way. These ultra-chrome rockets have left many an angler with shaking hands and wanting more. There is also the added bonus of being able to catch all five species of Pacific Salmon during this time.

What a treat this time of year is in Skeena country, when the weather is generally very pleasant and the rivers are full of salmon. The timeframe for Summer Steelhead is Mid-July through end of August. When you arrive at Nicholas Dean, ask Sky Richard for the “Summer secret weapon!”

Join us for Summer Steelhead