How do I get there?

A simple flight from Vancouver to Terrace or drive to the door of the Lodge. Air Canada and West Jet have daily flights.

When I land, do you pick me up?

Absolutely. During the details of booking your trip you would likely have been in touch with Chad Black, our general manager. Part of his duty is to make sure we know when you are coming and going from the lodge. Once you fly in, look for his name tag and he’ll be there to escort you to the Lodge.

What is an appropriate gratuity?

Obviously gratuities are appreciated by the staff of Nicholas Dean and are completely optional. Guides and Staff are tipped separately. A guideline for a guide is $100 to $150/day/person depending on your level of service. A guideline for a staff is $70 to $100/day/person. Staff tips are split amongst the chef, server, cleaner and other staff members involved in your adventure.

What gear is a must?

Most guests do enjoy using their own equipment. Getting comfortable with a rod and reel is always great and makes casting, presenting and fishing a lot easier. Although at Nicholas Dean the only real requirements are waders, boots and a good rain jacket. Appropriate layering is also a good idea as going commando is not the best idea under the waders!

Is fly fishing a must?

Absolutely not. We do have the ability to fish conventionally for all the species and our guides are all experts in this fishery as well. Having said that, we suggest giving fishing with a fly a chance. Many a guest have come with the intent to fish conventionally, then tried the fly fishing and fortunately for us they are now addicted to swinging flies! Most never touch a gear rod again!

How far out of town is the Lodge?

The Lodge is 15 minutes from the airport and 9 minutes out of town to the west, past the Kalum River. Our most used boat launch is 9 minutes from the lodge door, before you even finish your first coffee you can be fishing!

Do you accept credit cards?

Absolutely we do accept credit cards but don’t believe the commercial, AMEX can’t be used everywhere including Nicholas Dean! We accept Visa, MasterCard, Pay Pal, cheque and etransfer. With being such a small company and processing fee’s being large, we would always appreciate paying for the adventure by either cheque or etransfer. Every nickel we save, we can re-invest in the business.

What is the rooming situation?

At Nicholas Dean we have a combination of single and double rooms, with comfortable double or king beds, and quality linen.  Each room is equipped with its own private shower, has ample storage for your clothes and luggage, and is just steps away from all the amenities that the lodge has to offer.