Untouched Adventure

There you stand in the untouched coastal rainforests of British Columbia with Dustin Kovacvich, one of the greatest steelhead guides on the planet. You signed up for an adventure, solitude and great steelhead fishing and, sure enough, you are in the middle of it right now! Dustin explains the run to you and how to fish it most effectively. Your fly slowly swings through the deep, tannic stained waters of a coastal pool, where earlier you sighted a dozen really good Steelhead. A huge flash signals the fish has taken your fly, and you wait for those agonizing few seconds and the line to tighten, to make this adventure all worthwhile!

Where does this happen? Only at Nicholas Dean Outdoors! Nicholas Dean has an amazing fishery in our backyard which can be extremely difficult to access. Many years of exploration, permitting and approvals have allowed Nicholas Dean to create a special fishery and adventure for only a select few guests each year.

The Untouched Adventure is built for those who truly want an adventure. Some hiking is required in order to reach some of these elusive streams and rivers – something we like to call a little ‘sweat equity.’ The size of these rivers varies from small streams to medium sized rivers, but don’t let their smaller size fool you, the fish can be very large. Rods used are from single hand 6 weights, to larger 13 foot Spey rods, each day and each river brings something different. Fortunately for you, Nicholas Dean has everything you need!

The Untouched Adventure is limited to four weeks each Spring season with a maximum of two guests per week, so booking early is extremely important. Don’t miss your opportunity to fish the spectacular rivers off the remote coast of BC with your legendary guide!

Join us for Untouched Adventure