Chum Salmon

The most underrated sport fish on the Pacific coast, the hard fighting and prolific Chum salmon is probably responsible for more broken rods and burnt out fly reels than any other salmon. Chum run like Steelhead, jump like Coho, and bull dog like Chinooks. They are also a little on the garish side with their camouflage colored flanks and over size teeth. Tired arms and big grins are the usual after a hard day of doing battle with Chums. If you are a novice fly angler or just want to catch large numbers of salmon, Chum are the perfect choice. They average 8 to 20 pounds but can reach sizes in excess of 30 pounds.

We offer angling adventures for tackle busting chum salmon during the month of July. This is also the prime season for giant Chinooks and in some areas you may just find yourself attached to a 50 pound King instead of a 15 pound chum.

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