Lower Copper River

If ever there was a model for what a perfect Steelhead river would look like, it would most certainly be the Lower Copper River. A Class II Classified Water, the Lower Copper is a mid-sized river that is blessed with picture perfect runs – long, classic glides, dotted with huge boulders (mini hotels, we like to call them), incredible pocket water that drops into the juiciest of seams, and tailouts that just scream for a waking dry fly – the Lower Copper has it all. Like the upper section, Lower Copper steelhead are aggressive specimens ranging in size from 8 to 15 lbs on average, however, our guests land fish well over 20 lbs each year, and every once in awhile, can reach over 30 lbs.

Accessible via a logging road that parallels the river for a large portion of its length, we primarily fish the Lower Copper by drifting with a raft, or walk and wade.

Check out our Summer Steelhead & Salmon and Fall Steelhead programs, when we fish the Lower Copper.

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