Spring Steelhead

Our Spring Steelhead program is truly a repeat guest favorite, as our guests know just how productive and exciting the Spring fishery can be! Our Spring Steelhead trips feature years of exploration, often in remote waters at the heart of the British Columbia wilderness. Your Spring adventure includes guiding on many wild and scenic rivers – ranging from small, not-to-be-named coastal rivers, to medium sized rivers like the Kalum, to the broad, shallow riffles and tailouts of the mighty Skeena itself – all for large, wild Steelhead. Nicholas Dean anglers can expect to target Steelhead up to and over 20 lbs. The best part of our Spring program is midway through the season, aggressive Spring Chinook begin to show, adding an exciting dimension to each swing of the fly. The season is limited to only six to eight anglers per week and runs only from mid-March to mid-May. Book today to secure a spot during this exclusive season!

Join us for Spring Steelhead