Lower Skeena River

The Lower Skeena River (a Class II Classified Water) is a large, broad flowing river that is fed by many famous tributaries including the Copper, Kalum, Babine, Bulkley, Kispiox, Morice, and Sustut and many others on its route to the Northern British Columbia coast. The Skeena’s world renowned Steelhead and Salmon headed for these tributaries must pass through the lower part of the Skeena where Nicholas Dean Outdoors is located, which means our guests have the first opportunity to target these fish. Only a day or two out of the ocean at the peak of their condition, Steelhead and Salmon on the Lower Skeena are extremely strong and aggressive, where long runs into your backing are the norm, not the exception!

While particularly well known for its massive Steelhead and Chinook Salmon, the lower Skeena also features exceptional seasonal fishing for Coho, Sockeye and Pink salmon, with coastal cutthroat, Dolly Varden, Rainbow, and Bull Trout also available in good numbers throughout the year.

Check out our Spring, Summer and Fall packages, when we fish the amazing fly water of the Lower Skeena: Spring Steelhead, Chinook Fly Fishing, Summer Steelhead & Salmon, Skeena Max, Fall Steelhead, Trophy Coho.

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