Trout and Char

We offer a broad variety of stream fishing experiences for trout and char, varying from small canyon creeks, the broad flowing Skeena and tributaries, the eclectic mix of coastal rivers, Estuary Cutthroat, to sloughs and back channels. You can expect to encounter Coastal Cutthroat, Dolly Varden, Bull Trout, and Rainbows averaging 12 to 20 inches with the occasional brute Bull Trout to over 30 inches. The trout fishery makes for a great relaxing day in between the days spent chasing steelhead and salmon. We also have a boundless variety and size of lakes and ponds to suit whatever kind of still water fishery you prefer. Ranging from casting dainty size 16 mayfly dries to dimpling trout to hurling giant polar bear streamers for Bull Trout and large Rainbows we can find the fishery for you.

Join us for Trout and Char