Upper Copper River

The Copper River is one of the world’s premier Steelhead rivers, and the remote, intimate reaches of the Upper Copper (a Class 1 Classified Water) is one of the crown jewels of the Skeena system – and our fishing program here at Nicholas Dean Outdoors.  A high gradient, freestone river that can be fished thoroughly with a long spey cast, the Upper Copper fishes very well in the Fall, and is arguably one of the best dry fly Steelhead rivers to be found anywhere.  Upper Copper Steelhead average 8 to 15 lbs but can exceed 30, are very aggressive, and respond well to a mix of presentations, including greased line, light sink tip, waking dry fly and, if you’re lucky enough to time the mayfly hatches, dead drifted dry flies.

Accessible primarily by helicopter, our guests pool hop from one run to the next, fishing for the Upper Copper’s aggressive Steelhead, while enjoying the spectacular mountain vistas and glaciers of the Howson Range.

Check out our Fall Steelhead program, when we fish the fabled waters of the Upper Copper.

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